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The City of Towers is the economic powerhouse of Breland, and the single densest city on the entire continent of Khorvaire.

The elite live far above the ground, kept afloat by the close proximity of Syrania, the Plane of Sky. Levitation and flight magic work remarkably well here, allowing the creation of Skyway, a floating district that hovers over the rest of the city, and the skycoaches that ferry passengers from tower to tower.

Sharn is a vertical city. While the rich dwell in the full light of the sun, both above and on top of the city, the middle levels are where many adventurers, soldiers, and merchants live. Those areas which are not exposed to open air are kept lit by ever-burning lanterns.

The poorest live in the lowest levels, with some areas never receiving natural light, only poor illumination from ever-burning torches. Heat from the heavy industry causes the embedded water pipes to sweat and give off water, covering much of the area in fog and a light drizzle. Built into a cliff, much of the lower levels resemble not a city so much as a cave or a warren.

Beneath these lower levels, however, lie the true cave systems: originally the seat of a hobgoblin empire, the cities founders delved deep into Eberron, creating a complex of tunnels and caves that have long been forgotten.

Main Page

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