Tag: the chipped mug


  • Kharolis

    Kharolis looks a bit worse for wear. Charismatic and friendly, he was a former prize-fighter who retired at the height of his popularity. He bears the unmistakable marks of a professional fighter--scars and broken bones--but is entertaining and …

  • Lucy Celes

    A cheerful, plucky human woman, Lucy is well-liked by the patrons of [[The Chipped Mug]]. She takes pride in remembering patrons favorite orders and knowing their stories.

  • Rand Stoutshield

    Rand Stoutshield is a bit of an enigma for a Dwarf. Born and raised in Sharn, he had no interest in pursuing the path that his wealthy family followed, and used a loan from them to open [[The Chipped Mug]]. Concerned with fairness and equity, he gave his …