Rez presents an imposing figure. Large and covered in scars, he is a former gang member and now works closely with Friar Pierce.


A scar runs up the right side of his face, directly over his eye, and onto his forehead. His left ear is a stump. His ridges and crests have been broken before—repeatedly—and set improperly. A toe-cutter for House Tarkannan, he worked as a torturer, used to deal punishment against traitors and failures to the House.

After being imprisoned, he heard Friar Pierce speak repeatedly. Impressed by the man’s conviction and courage, although not sure about his religion, he saved his life during a prison riot.

His actions earned him his freedom early, and he now works solely for the Friar, protecting Blackstone Church and it’s congregation in Fallen, one of the worst districts of Lower Dura.


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