Ambrose Pierce

Friar Ambrose Pierce is an old human priest, and the only religious figure in the slums of Lower Dura.


A bookish man in surprisingly good health for his late 50s, Friar Pierce is a priest in the Church of the Silver Flame. A member of the ministry and not the militant arm of the Church, Pierce is focused on improving the lives of the impoverished and eliminating corruption and base human evils.

Friar Pierce’s impressive base of operations is Blackstone Church, in Fallen, one of the most dangerous slums in Lower Dura.

From this base he preaches to his congregation, pays visits to the wretched, and tours the many prisons and asylums of Sharn. Most of the criminals he recruits go on to more dignified Silver Flame churches, where their brawn is put to good use in the militant Order of Templars.

Ambrose Pierce

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