Darren O'Dekker

A Gatekeeper and demon-hunter, Darren follows his own internal visions as he hunts suspect demon worshippers


Darren was an initiate Gatekeeper in House Tharashk. Both of his parents died when he was young and he is the only sibling to not fight and die in the Last War. On his first trip a mentor to fix a nearby seal, something went wrong. Darren was blasted with an unholy light from the rift and has since been, well, a bit off.

He started having visions of cultists and demons rising from the depths. His superiors let these oddities slide until it was discovered that Darren had murdered a traveling pilgrim on suspicion of being a cultist. The evidence of this was not found, but higher ups in the Shadow Marches pulled strings to keep Darren out of trouble.

Darren now roams Khorvaire, attempting to keep the world safe from evil through his detective work and following his intuition. He is merciless with those he knows are evil and can be short and dismissive of those who question him. He is well aware of his limitations however, and has worked with others in the past to finance the pursuit of his goals.

Whether his visions are accurate or not is up for debate. He is keenly observant though and so far, the people he has killed have proven to be who he says they are.

Darren O'Dekker

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